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There will be no regular method for viewing the Noh performance.

As well as the stage itself, since it's simplified to a limit to a performer's motion, it can leave and appreciate to individual sensitivity.

It allows yourself to the performer's concentration, enjoying Noh mask, costume, orchestral works, and furthermore sleeping ... The dream seen there may be also one Noh stage.


I'd like people of the foreign country with few opportunities to touch Noh to convey the appeal of  it without being caught by the common sense or established concept.


I think it's my duty with the mission of inheriting Noh to the future. 


Contents : Introduction to Noh, Repertoire on that day, and so on

Date : Consulting

Items to be prepared : Nothing

Charge : Negotiable


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tel: 090-5580-6864

mail: shuuseikai2003@yahoo.co.jp