《 Noh, the Japanese Traditional Performing Art, Chanting and Dancing Lesson 》 

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The Noh chanting is a singing section of Noh; a traditional Japanese performing art. Everyone had learnt it at the school, so it was chanted at the ceremonial occasions in prewar days.

It’s widely paid attention because chanting by straining oneself is said to be good for health today.

Moreover, Shimai, a short dancing by using a large fan, being tied by a tidy posture and a stily beauty, is an extremely simplified version of Noh, the principal parts of the dance are extremely enjoyable.


In my classroom, you’ll be able to learn how to keep the good posture, speak naturally, and get an ability of Noh appreciation. It must be so fruitful.

I’ll teach an appropriate method for breathing to chant. Even people who has the difficulty in speaking can enjoy enough. Also it’s up to you whether sitting or sitting straight during the lesson.

Furthermore, you can have lessons not only practices vaguely butstructural understanding of Noh and a help to its appreciation, like “why a sliding foot needed ? ”.


By all means, shall we challenge Noh lesson on this occasion?



Schedule :

   Different by monthly and each classroom.

     Group lessons available.


Lesson time :

   60 min of 1 unit (twice times by a month)


Lesson Fee :

   10,000 yen for 1 lesson


Classroom :

   Sendagi, Kunitachi, Matsudo, Tama-Plaza


Lesson Schedule :



Contact to ; Miki MIYAUCHI TEL:090-5580-6864          





~Noh, the Japanese Traditional Performing Art, Chanting and Dancing Lesson~ 


Schedule : August.21~26,2017   Group lessons available.

Lesson time : 60 min of 1 unit (four times by a unit)

Lesson Fee : Free

A set piece of music: Noh “ Momiji-Gari (Excursion for viewing scarlet maple leaves)”

Classrooms : Sendagi, Kunitachi, Matsudo, Tama-Plaza


★The story of  “Momiji-Gari (Excursion for viewing scarlet maple leaves)”

A noble woman, enjoys with her attendants to admire the gorgeous autumn colors. While they are settling in to view the scarlet maple leaves, a soldier Koremochi comes with his entourage.

She invites him to join their party, he initially declines, though, eventually gets very drunk. As night approaches they disappear somewhere.

At that time the deity with a sword is on his way to the shrine.
Meanwhile, the demon has disguised itself as a beautiful woman in order to kill Koremochi. The deity finds Koremochi, warns him, and gives him the sword he has brought. Koremochi wakes up the moment the demon reappears in its fearsome ghost form. They have a ferocious battle, and Koremochi finally kills the demon.