The master Noh practitioner from the Kanze school



When I engaged a government office work in 2002, I met with Noh and have been possessed by its profoundness.

As I couldn't stop myself from longing for being a Noh practitioner for the rest of my life, I submitted the resignation three months later to become a disciple of late Kyuma Hashioka.

After ascetic practices to become a Noh actor, I stepped on preem as an expert in 2012.


I've been acting energetically such as performing on the stage, lecturing, to introduce even one about the excellence of Noh.


Thank you.





〈Photo: Noh "Shakkyo (The Stone bridge)" 〉

A lion, messenger of Manjusri Bodhisattva, coming to the monk, playing with gorgeous, fragrant peony flowers. After dancing a lion dance, the lion returns to his designated position, which is the carrier of Manjusri Bodhisattva.

This piece describes auspiciousness and includes a unique lion dance.
The highlight is the extraordinary gorgeousness of the dance, fill the audience with brightness and briskness. Since even novices to the Noh art can straightforwardly enjoy this piece, it was performed to entertain distinguished guests from overseas.